Deep Reveal remix released today

Damien Heck ft. Michelle Chivers – Deep Reveal (4Mal’s Breathing Air Intro) [Mixturi Global] – released today! Listen to the sample [here] and [get] it at EDMDigital. Please send your [comments] to 4Mal boys 😉 Already supported by Colin and Justin ‘Shiloh’ as far as I know 😉 Micah also scheduled our intro for his upcoming ‘Silversides 007‘ on Proton Radio mixed into Baunder‘s version.
Thank you Micah!
Santiago Nino opened his ‘Night Tribe Sessions 002‘ set @ with ‘Twilight’ tonight, good news before sleeping. It wasn’t the version mastered by profis for the vinyl testpressing, and we are glad it passed the ‘reliability experiment’.

Русская кибернетика 102 (01/2014, часть 1)
Русская кибернетика 019 (10/2009)
MC MYASNOI feat. Fisky — Дебаты о славе (Лаборатория Русской кибернетики с Александром Киреевым)
2008 Photo in Radio Pilot FM Studio
Horizons by Kruzhok Moscow