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4Mal is a Russian artist that has been building his profile nicely in recent times. 4Mal is comprised of Anton Guzev & Evgeny Svalov, and FlipCube is their own imprint. The first few releases have featured some solid progressive music with some smart vocal elements too. Let’s see what their latest offering “Crystal Pure” has in store.

The Crystal Pure original mix is a throbbing progressive house track with some analogue style elements to it. There are some cool dark parts to the track too, and generally the track has plenty of energy. A driving piece of music likely to get the dancefloor moving. In fact, it is not unlike some of the Hook Records productions from ’90s, less a few BPMs.

The Crystal Pure 4Mal Phase Out Dub is similar to the original, but perhaps more suited to a radio set or podcast. Strong production, subtle atmospherics and a solid bassline are the key elements on show here. Definitely an alternative version worth checking out.

This is the 3rd release on FlipCube Records, and having heard every release to date, I’m definitely impressed with the quality of the music on display and definitely recommend checking out this release, and the 2 prior to that, both of which were composed by imprint owners 4Mal.

(Review by Chris Sterio)

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