4Mal / FlipCube Records Press Release in English

 FlipCube Records is a new progressive / tech / deep house label run by Yekaterinburg-based Russian progressive house duo 4Mal (Anton Guzev & Evgeny Svalov).

After 3 active production years and with over 50 singles and remixes released on major and indie labels like Global Underground, Baroque, Armada / Coldharbour, Newstate, Mondo, Beat Freak / Distinto, Bellarine and Alter Ego, 4Mal are ready to start they own record label.

Anton and Evgeny will release their singles and remixes on FlipCube on a monthly basis, presenting fresh progressive tracks every 4 weeks which will be available in all popular online music shops.

“FlipCube is a place for both classic progressive and our more experimental works like the tech-house alias “4Mal present Square Coil” and of course those new original 4Mal tracks which will be remixed by our friends plus some exclusive reworks and re-edits of our previously unreleased productions. You will feel the diversity of our today’s sound from the very first FlipCube release, “4Mal feat. Second Sky – The Game EP” which is coming soon on the 14th of July, 2008″ – Evgeny Svalov says.

“Starting our own imprint does not mean that we stop working with other record labels, FlipCube is here for those cross-genre 4Mal tracks which do not fit to other labels and remixes of our tracks which we love but which never see the light of day. Last year a number of remixed 4Mal productions were rejected because, for example, we signed one of our originals to a progressive trance label and the A&R didn’t want to include a quality deephouse remix made by our friend just because it wasn’t the suitable genre. Another thing we would like to avoid is delayed releases – some of our originals had to wait over one and even two years because of different reasons, with FlipCube our listeners and DJs will always get the latest and best 4Mal productions straight from our studio” – Anton Guzev says.

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  1. etiket says:

    Рады за вас парни! Свой лэйбл это отлично!