4Mal / FlipCube Records / The Start

Today we 4Mal guys are happy and proud to present you our own label and the very first single:

4Mal featuring Second Sky – The Game EP
FlipCube Records, Russia

Original Mix
Square Coil’s Complicated Dub

(Click on the track titles to listen or download a radio edit in 320kbps mp3 format from Last.FM)

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2 responses to “4Mal / FlipCube Records / The Start”

  1. аа says:

    отличный ep,оригинал может слащавый ненмого, даб больше по душе

  2. djmystic says:

    Having your own label it`s cool. But I think that you must (really must) get some great contract with so music giants such as Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, Universal Music group. Becouse I think that your “The Game (reprise)” as such good stuff as One Republic – Apologize. Maybe it`s some easier in vocal part sound, but I sure that this track is really-maden chart`s tophit. You should get some professional clip for world music tv-channels rotation (such as Viva, Magix, Countdown, MTV, NRJ). And also sooner release of this slowdance track as remixes of famous europe and world Djs.
    Wish you great success and good luck.