4Mal pres. Inner Sense 010 on Afterhours.FM (03.05.2008)

Episode 010, 03.05.2008
Compiled and mixed by Evgeny Svalov and Anton Guzev (4Mal)

01. Roger Sanchez — Lost (4Mal’s Lost & Found Intro Mix) [CDR]
02. R-Tem feat. Nata TJ — No Game to Play (4Mal Remix) [Kontakt]
03. Teacher & Galin pres. Melery Sad — Another Planet (4Mal feat. Gliss Remake) [Electrica]
04. DJ Romeo vs. Coco — Get Over You (4Mal Remix) [Oven Ready]
05. Ivan Roudyk, T-Moor Rodriguez — Things That Make You Feel (4Mal’s Confident Remix) [Electrica]
06. DJ 19 — Breakin’ of the Dawn (4Mal’s Oxy Remix) [19Box]
07. 4Mal feat. Ani — Layered Feelings (4Mal’s Spanish Version) [Distinto]
08. R-Tem feat. Nata TJ — Cloud of Sound (4Mal Remix) [CDR]
09. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene — Invincible (4Mal Remix) [Armind]
10. 4Mal feat. Etiket — Tomorrow Never Comes (4Mal Mix) [Progressive Grooves]

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