4Mal / Stripe, Poroxx, Cosmonaut / Laya / 4Mal Remix

Last week we finished working on a new remix for Eduard Gubin, better known as Ed Cosmonaut of Russian electronic dance music band «Radiotrance».

Eduard is a living legend of night life in Russia, his first 12″ vinyl record has seen the light of day on the worldwide-famous German record label MFS («Masterminded For Success») in 1999 (the label has been an early home of trance superstar Paul van Dyk).

10 years after, in 2009, Ed Cosmonaut returns with a new single «Laya» produced together with his colleagues Stripe and Poroxx. «Laya» will be released in Summer 2009 on one of the the leading Russian progressive / tech-house labels, FLASH Records, with remixes by 4Mal, Ivan Spell and DJ Renat.

We 4Mal guys had the honour to get an invitation to make a remix for Cosmonaut and his fellow producers, it is quite an unusual feeling to be on the same CD with a producer who was an example for you years ago. The exact release date will be announced in a separate blog entry as soon as we know it.

You can listen to our version already now, please visit MySpace.com/4Mal and choose the Laya 4Mal Remix in the audioplayer.

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