Arpeggia situation

After almost a month after promo release of Santiago Nino’s ‘Arpeggia‘ and your messages hitting our inbox almost every day asking ‘Where is 4Mal’s Backstage Dub?’, we decided to post an official comment here @

Due to some reason our version will be available as a digital download only. Although there is a gap between promo & retail releases and our remix street date, 4Mal’s main goal is to deliver the music message, we’re glad it’s happening soon in spite of all unforeseen human factor difficulties!

Retail vinyl should be out at the end of September, at the same time our version will be also available, make sure you have a blank CDR! We’ll post more information soon; thank you to everyone who showed interest in this 4Mal remix 🙂
P.S. Audio clip coming soon.

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