Damien Heck — Deep Reveal (4Mal’s Breathing Air Intro Mix)

Damien Heck — Deep Reveal (4Mal’s Breathing Air Intro) is now finished and forwarded to CP Recordings.

During the pause we are back to work on the ‘tech’ remix which will be slightly different from what we made before. Anton already worked with tech sound before, in Jan-Feb 2004 4Mal and Zero Divide finished three deep/prog techno (if it’s OK to use this combination of styles for a description) tracks under the alias ‘Fragile White‘. The ‘F.W. EP‘ was signed to ‘Orange Groove Records‘ in Berlin, but the label simply disappeared after some months of inactivity. ‘Fragile White‘ CDR is still in my desk.
To be back with more updates soon, including some pictures 😀

Русская кибернетика 329 (10.10.2018)
Brotha Minin — Фит с Федуком (Лаборатория Русской кибернетики с Александром Киреевым)
#ruscyber400 — Evgeny Svalov (4Mal), Part 2 @ Iset Park, 22.02.2020
«Русская кибернетика» с Евгением Сваловым (4Mal) — фирменная тематическая pre-party в Maccheroni Ciao