Русская кибернетика 057 (08/2012, гости: Intricate Records, полугодовой отчёт)

01. Nigel Good — Space Minus One (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
02. Sergey Tkachev and Alexey Sonar — Flying Spirals (Matao Remix) [Intricate Records]
03. Vadim Soloviev — Monday Bounce (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
04. V I F feat. Aliene d’Lum — Play It When Sad (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
05. Feu d’Or — Chasin Joe (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
06. Sergey Tkachev — Ankylophobia (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
07. Matao — Kali Yuga (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
08. August Rush — Here and Now (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
09. Vadim Soloviev — Reverse Gear (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]
10. Feu d’Or — Singapore (Stormy Sentosa Remix) [Intricate Records]
11. Alexey Sonar meets Jan Johnston — Freedom (Poison Pro Remix) [Intricate Records]
12. Ad Brown and Ben Coda — Rings of Saturn (Original Mix) [Intricate Records]

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