Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Live @ Pioneer DJ Moscow, PromoDJ TV ONE, 23.01.2017

01. Amor Entrave — Something Else (Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) Freaked Out Dub Extended)
02. Ocean’s Song — Song of the Ocean (Russian Cybernetics Brigade Exclusive)
03. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Glint (Club Mix)
04. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Simple Answer (Club Mix)
05. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Flicker (Club Mix)
06. Niolle feat. Bataman — No Matter (Original Vocal Mix)
07. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Pink Fog (Club Mix)
08. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) & Sergey Lozovoy (DJ SL) — Star-Studded Summer (Club Mix)
09. 4Mal feat. Second Sky — The Game (Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) 2013 Remake)
10. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) feat. dreadthedays — Being Beautiful (Club Mix)
11. Ishome — Ken Tavr (Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) Remix)
12. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Let’s Get Back (Club Mix)
13. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) feat. Second Sky — Time to Convince You (Club Mix)
14. Snoop Dogg — Sensual Seduction (Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) Re-Boot)
15. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) feat. Eshar — Unspoken Rule (Short Stories Club Mix)
16. t.o.ch.k.a. — Voobrazi Menya (Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) & Anton G. Extended Dub)
17. Snowy Owl — No Illusions (Club Mix)
18. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Holy Shift (Club Mix)
19. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Bazoo-Wazoo (Club Mix)
20. Snowy Owl — Owl of Snow (Club Mix)

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