4Mal pres. Inner Sense 001 on Afterhours.FM (07.07.2007)

Episode 001, 07.07.2007
Compiled and mixed by Evgeny Svalov and Anton Guzev (4Mal)

01. Freq — Monochrome (Original Mix) [Exotic Native]
02. 4Mal — Red Dust (Dust’n’Ashes Dub) [Bellarine]
03. Sia — Drink to Get Drunk (Sultan & Tone Depth Remix) [White]
04. Dominic Plaza — Korny (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) [Open Up]
05. Andre Absolut — Get the Funk Out Ma Face (Original Mix) [KumQuat Tunes]
06. 4Mal — Lonely Days (Ivan Spell Remix) [Bellarine]
07. Sancho & E-Lation vs Second Sky — In the Dark (4Mal’s Neurovirus Remix) [Bellarine]
08. Vinny Troia — Rewind (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [Curvve US]
09. Montero — Hairy Hits (House Mix) [Renaissance]
10. Descent — Virtual (Piece Process Remix) [Open Up]

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