Русская кибернетика 002 (04/2008)

Part I: 4Mal Mix
01. 4Mal present Square Coil — Black Tube — Spieltape Remix [FLASH]
02. 4Mal present Square Coil — Static Noise — Original Mix [Amenta UK]
03. Nicholas van Orton — The Dharma Initiative — 4Mal present Square Coil Remix [Carica]
04. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene — invincible — 4Mal Remix [Armind]

Part II: Anatoly Freza Guest Mix
01. Reflex — Meet New Day (Freza Chillout Remix) [Exclusive]
02. DJs Teacher & Galin — Anoter Planet (Freza Minidisco Remix) [Exclusive]
03. Freza feat. Serge Que — Experience (Freza 200 Rework) [Exclusive]

Part III: Sergey Solid Sky Guest Mix
01. PROFF — Place To Go (Solid Sky Remix) [Kontakt Recordings]
02. Top Disquo — With Sound (Solid Sky Remix) [Kontakt Recordings]
03. Solid Sky — Going Around (Original Mix) [Exclusive]

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