FLIPCUBE017: Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Breaking The Mind Puzzle

Unlike with various previous tracks and remixes, there is some kind of a story behind «Breaking The Mind Puzzle», which I would like to tell you. While listening to various parts of flamenco and rumba recently, I had an idea to put some different guitar parts together and combine different moods within one production. There were at least these few difficulties to overcome and problems to solve within this project: first of all, the guitars were recorded using different microphones, different hardware and it was vitally important to tune every part involved to sound consistently, as a team and, at least, logical. Obviously, the guitars were recorded at different tempos and harmonies, it was necessary to cut the parts into tiny pieces and put those together.

In the middle of the track I had a wish to change the mood to a darker, heavier one and, at the same time, to make the track much simpler for a short moment; i.e. while we listen to a complicated mind-twister from the very beginning, then suddenly comes its very simple, straight-forward solution, which is the piano melody of three notes. A bit later comes a downswing — the feeling when you solve the puzzle and temporary face the emptiness, the absence of a riddle. Next, an absolutely illogical melody appears in the background, its rhythm is knocked-down and incoherent, not attached to the general track grid: although the solution is found, you can’t explain all the parts of this mind-twister, exactly this melody consists of abstract puzzle parts, which refuse to pack up into one string of logic in your head.

I’m pretty sure, everyone of us experienced this at least once in a lifetime.