Native & Silver featuring Ani — The Dome [Swordtail Records] — review

Many thanks to for their support! FCD Code is our friend Roman V who is also from Yekaterinburg.

«Next up is Russian duo 4Mal who have really caught my attention recently with some stunning productions, in fact Russia is becoming my favourite country for original sounding progressive music, even beating the mighty Greeks. Here they don?t disappoint with the lushest of lush productions with a spine-tingling intro that works the vocals to their full potential. Gentle synths massage your soul before a funked-up bassline bursts into the production, building and building as a sweet melody cuts right through into a tranced-out break before storming back in with that thumping bassline. Superb remix.
FCD Code turns it into a bouncy minimal oddity guided by smooth pads with the vocal cut up to good effect. The remix doesn’t seem to know whether it is aimed at the dancefloor or the sofa — it could work in a very deep house set, but it’s not really my thing».

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