Nick Thompson & James Vickers – Synaptic Sex – review!

What a very pleasant text!
«4Mal is a progressive Russian duo who has seen dozens of releases over the last few years on labels such as Only, Baroque, and Amenta. Their remix is much more melodic than any of the other mixes. The track begins with a driving housey percussion and subtle FX. The bass chords are superb, very smooth and warm. The pads are back once again, which is a good thing. 4mal bring in a few additions, such as a few female vocal bits and some fantastic guitar riffs. The breakdown features an odd male vocal riff, which is answered off and on by the female breathing vox. A cool chord progression emerges during the breakdown as well, and is featured within the chorus. 4Mal deliver a very sexy, chilled, and uplifting progressive house number. The main highlight would be the superb guitar riffs; pure magic in my opinion».

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