Русская кибернетика (02.08.2017)

Русская кибернетика • 2 августа 2017 • Автор и ведущий — Евгений Свалов (4Mal)

01. Sound Quelle & Michael Mashkov — R A [Intricate Rec. Promo, INTRICATE226]
02. Bram — At Night [Nascency EP, Spring Tube Promo, SPR218]
03. Bram — Simply So [Nascency EP, Spring Tube Promo, SPR218]
04. Max Lyazgin and Hugobeat — Feel The Groove [Stamp Art Rec. Promo, SAR004]
05. Kedr Livanskiy — Ariadna [Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
06. Stendahl & LaMeduza — Different You (Approaching Black Vocal Remix) [Silk Music Promo, SILKM132]
07. Renga Weh — Perception [Electronic Tree Promo, ETREE240]
08. SKLV — Helles [Heartbeat Rec. Promo]
09. M0narch feat. Nino Katamadze — 017 [Microbios Rec. Promo, MB020]
10. Lev Kitkin — Transparent [Sol Y Playa Promo, SYP033]
11. The Midnight — Kick Drums & Red Wine (Dezza Remix) [The Midnight Remixed Part 1, Silk Music Promo]
12. Snade — Black and White [Black and White EP, FG250]
13. Albert Wind — Voyager-1

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