Русская кибернетика 177 (10.11.2015)

Compiled & mixed by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)

01. Fake Mood & Mirida — Tension [Chilli Mint, CMD32]
02. Domestic Science — Sentimental Planet (La Rose Remix) [Incepto Deep Promo]
03. Shapeless Lab — Speed Of Life [DP-6 Rec. Promo, DR136]
04. Fake Mood & Mirida — Erosion [Chilli Mint, CMD32]
05. Follow the Flower — IV [Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
06. Volac — See Your Face (Matin Remix) [Electronica Digital]
07. Daniel Noier — Technical Difficulties [Studio Exclusive]
08. DP-6 — Eclipse (Desaturate ’Lone Star’ Remix) [Suffused Music Promo, SMD117]
09. Micronoise Paranoic Sound — Музыка Воды (feat. Arina Yakimovskaya)
10. Aquaaerobika — Icecream
11. Alpha-Beta feat. Rust Never Sleeps — Slap Me [Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
12. Platunoff — Fretwell Remix [Pineapple Digital Promo]
13. Tesla Boy — Invisible (PROFF Remix) [Free Download]

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