Русская кибернетика 225 (12.10.2016)

Русская кибернетика • 12 октября 2016 • Автор и ведущий — Евгений Свалов (4Mal)

01. Andrew Benson — Vivacity [Colorize, Enhanced, ENCOLOR068]
02. Andrey Uchvat — Dreamcast [Big House Beats Rec., Ice Cream Sampler Vol. 2, BHBR023]
03. Tali Muss & Olej feat. Tania Haroshka — I Feel You Inside My Head [Free Download]
04. AudioGuyZ — Into The Blue [Studio Exclusive, Prospection Rec. Promo]
05. Salski — Feel Places [Spring Tube Promo, SPR193]
06. Alex Hill — I’m Gone Crazy [LoveStyle Rec. Promo, LSR123]
07. Belong To Us — Shake It [Dear Deer Rec. Promo, DDM032]
08. Die Konfekte — Моралист на танцполе [Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
09. Subandrio — Heroized Mortals [Suffused Music Promo, SMD150]
10. Belong To Us — Drop Again [Dear Deer Rec. Promo, DDM032]
11. Maxim Vozisov — Love The Robot [BC2, BC2119]

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