Русская Кибернетика 132 (13.01.2015)

Mixed by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)

01. Alex Drayling — Winter Landscape (Katrin Souza Remix) [BOX4JOY, B4J023]
02. AudioGuyZ — Lost Siren [2015 Promo]
03. Tuxedo — Surreal Dream (MNR Remix) [Electronic Tree, ETREE121]
04. Subconscious Tales — Become Aware [Suffused Music, SMD052]
05. Dynamiquee — Four Black Roses (Angrybeatz Remix) [Muskox, MOX0016]
06. Jaybeetrax — Be Different [Spring Tube Limited, SPRLTD050]
07. Audio Unit feat. Johnny Price — Club DJ (Wadzo Remix) [ABCDeep Rec.]
08. DJ Oguretz — This Club Sux [Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
09. Furkan Senol — Far Apart [Big Toys Production, BT023]
10. David Herrera — El Narigon [Vayk Records, VKR047]
11. Robert R. Hardy — Thirty (Andromedha Remix) [Suffused Music, SMD068]
12. Evgeny Lapsky — Arabica [Mixadance Friends, MXDF014]
13. Is Tropical — Dancing Anymore (Johnny Way Remix) [2015 Promo]
14. Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) — Black Lotos (Donatello Remix) [Spring Tube Limited, SPRLTD010]

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