Русская кибернетика 150 (19.05.2015)

Compiled & mixed by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)

01. D-Pulse — Highway to Saturn [More EP, Nang UK, 2009]
02. Ponty Mython — Warm Time (Simple Symmetry Remix) [Beats Delivery SPb, 2012]
03. Koett & Wellbeck — Slimline [Can You EP, Fuselab Ru, 2012]
04. Kito Jempere — This Is Why We Do This (feat. Jerry the Cat & Ruslan Gadzhimuradov)
[Double Century Part Two, Freerange, FR200B]
05. Aniports — C’est la Vie (Laboratory with Alexander Kireev)
06. Emil Croff & Igor Sonik feat. Asirio — Whoopee Goldberg [Dextrous]
07. Zmey feat. Victoria Ray — Undying Love (Original Vocal Mix) [Zmey Rec.]
08. Federico Guglielmi — Antonella Dreaming (Demarco Electronic Project Remix) [Aquamarine, AQ019]
09. Mango & Andre Frauenstein — Away From Here (Dub Mix) [Plainview, Mango Alley]
10. Synergia Corpo feat. Noxdream Voice — Jupiter [Welcome Music, WELCOME005]
11. Alexander Sivin — Marvelous [Intricate Rec.]
12. Nikita Rise & Roman Akrill — Spring of Dreams (Erik Iker Remix) [Pineapple Digital]

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