Русская Кибернетика 142 (24.03.2015)

Compiled & mixed by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)

01. Asten Noelia — Strong (Kiva Remix) [Incepto Deep Promo]
02. Vadim Koks & Dallonte — D.I.S.C.O. [Dextrous Trax Promo]
03. Anton Ishutin & Msekko — Kiska [Sleazy Deep, Miami Sleaze 2015]
04. We Are All Astronauts — Cerulean Sky (Nick Hogendoorn Smooth Mix) [Mango Alley Promo]
05. Artego feat. Tiara — I’m Going Deep [Dancekraft Promo]
06. Parks, Squares and Alleys — Soft Clouds [Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
07. The Mozati — Spring Beach [Pineapple Digital Promo]
08. Fon.Leman — Catwalk [Tesseract Music Promo]
09. Nebogitel — Give It To Me [Spring Tube Promo]
10. Magnetic Brothers feat. Ange — You Hear Me (Vocal Mix) [Deep Blue Eyes Promo]
11. Blood Groove & Kikis feat. Vitodito — The Stars (Stendahl Remix) [Incepto Music Promo]
12. Max Ruby & Chris Scott — Don’t Make Me Wait [Studio Exclusive]

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