Русская Кибернетика 125 (25.11.2014)

Compiled and mixed by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)

01. Matvey Emerson & Rockaforte feat. Rene — Dreams (Mark Lower Remix) [LoveStyle, LSR030]
02. Anton Ishutin feat. Leusin — Sincerity [Dear Deer, DD026]
03. Studio Deep & AQUO — Back Again [KDB Records, KDB048D]
04. Envotion — Robots (Cloudive Remix) [Intricate Cuts, INTRICUTS016]
05. Slava Dmitriev — Come One Again [Nurvous, NUR23457]
06. Madrem — Special Things [Hypnologic Music, HYPNL002]
07. Pierre Zamyatin SPb — Namdy [Electronic Tree, ETREE118]
08. Cheise — Distance [Andante Music, AMU011]
09. Amorph AA & Ermak — Be Free (Vysotskiy Remix) [Electronic Tree, ETREE117]
10. Dr. Avalance — Luna (Constan Remix) [Suffused Music, SMD066]
11. Max Meyer — Yamantau (Piramex Remix) [Big Toys Production, BT019]

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