Русская Кибернетика 134 (27.01.2015)

Compiled and mixed by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal)

01. Mory Yacel feat. Bardia — And Then [Spring Tube Limited Promo]
02. Anton Ishutin & Pepper Cats — Keep Believing (Lou Van Remix) [Pepper Cat Promo]
03. Yuriy Poleg & Papa Tony feat. Jenna Summer — Spirit of Summer [Funky Green Label]
04. Pet Shop Boys — Home and Dry (Max Lyazgin Remix) [Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
05. Platunoff — Bowanenkovo (Sean McClellan Remix) [Pineapple Digital Promo]
06. Stephen J. Kroos — Etiological (Che Armstrong & Chris Johnson Remix) [Spring Tube Limited]
07. XYPO — Can You Feel [DeepMixNation Promo]
08. Pete K — Beyond [Intricate Promo]
09. Distal Soul — Silver Snow [Nuevadeep Promo]
10. Arthur Minnahmetov — Why [Suffused Music, SMD071]
11. Solarbeam — Manihi (thePorter Remix) [Incepto Music Promo]
12. Andrea Bertolini & Yuji Ono — Deep Freeze [Freegrant Music Promo]
13. Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox feat. Nelson — Love Me (Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) 2011 Re-Boot)

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