Русская кибернетика 281 (08.11.2017)

Русская кибернетика 281 • 8 ноября 2017 • Автор и ведущий — Евгений Свалов (4Mal)

01. SERGE.OK & Ellin Spring — Come to Me [Deepwibe Rec. Promo, DWR001]
02. Ewan Rill — Celebration (Mario Puccio Remix) [Suffused Music Promo, SMD189]
03. Denis Laurent — Yin [Yin-Yang EP, A Must Have, AMH174]
04. Trionfo — Bunyip (Cheric Remix) [Dog And Man Promo, DM010]
05. Mizt3r — Another Way [Another Way EP, Spring Tube Promo, SPR226]
06. Denis Laurent — Yang [Yin-Yang EP, A Must Have, AMH174]
07. Komplimenter — Prizraki [Russian Cybernetics Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
08. Mizt3r — Love Came Around [Another Way EP, Spring Tube Promo, SPR226]
09. Fred Dekker — Just Somethin’ About You (Alek Soltirov Remix) [Special Love EP, Hi! Energy Rec. Promo, HNR074]
10. Oliver Huntemann — Poltergeist (Maksim Dark Remix) [Senso Sounds, SENSO029D]
11. Max Freegrant — City Lights [Freegrant Music Promo, FG265]
12. Soty — Mind Games [Contemporary Rec. by Easy Summer Promo, CONT002]
13. MIGHTYBEAR x Sensetive5 — Plug Me In [Free Download]

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