Русская кибернетика 388 (27.11.2019)

Русская кибернетика 388 • 27 ноября 2019
Еженедельная радиопрограмма с Евгением Сваловым (4Mal) и Александром Киреевым

01. Ilya Gerus — Lost Wave [Crystal EP, COOD Promo, CD033]
02. Mistol Team — Umbilical [Anomalia, Round Triangle Promo, RTL147]
03. Arthur Minnahmetov — Blurred Vision [Another Life Music Promo, ALM015]
04. Mistol Team — Estocolmo [Anomalia, Round Triangle Promo, RTL147]
05. Open Soul feat. Therese Morisson— No More Daddy [Moiss Music Promo, MOISS065]
06. Martin Aquino & Moises — Morning After [MixCult Rec. Promo]
07. Mallowkid — Futurism [Russian Cybernetics Laboratory with Alexander Kireev]
08. Digital Mess — Daemonic Chord [aboriginal Promo, ABO024]
09. Chris Hobbs — Take a Look (Following Light Remix) [Lincor Promo]
10. Anja Schneider — Closer (Nocow Remix) [Sous Music, SOUS007]
11. Nocow — Far Voices [Nocowalnya, Gost Instrument, Instrument-09]

Гость «ПреМикшера»: Forty Cats (Мурманск, Россия)

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#house #deephouse #techhouse #progressivehouse
#indiedance #nudisco #dj

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