Микшер Русской кибернетики 063 (22.11.2017)

Микшер Русской кибернетики 063 • 22 ноября 2017 • Ведущие — Евгений Свалов (4Mal) и Александр Киреев

Guest: Sergey SlanG (Spring Tube 8 Years Anniversary)

01. Nikolay Mikryukov — Deep Hypnosis [Spring Tube, SPR161]
02. Marco Grandi — Friday Night (Anthony Mea ’So Far Away’ Remix) [Spring Tube, SPR146]
03. Jelly For The Babies — Smitten (Slam Duck Remix) [Spring Tube, SPR178]
04. Hernan Cerbello — Reborn [Spring Tube, SPR213]
05. Chris Micali — Fall Into Place (Rich Curtis Remix) [Spring Tube Limited, SPRLTD116]
06. Stephen J. Kroos — Stax (Oliver Lieb Tech Re-Edit) [Spring Tube Limited, SPRLTD055]
07. Ewan Rill feat. Avenax — Lotos (Vocal Mix) [Spring Tube Limited, SPRLTD078]
08. Da Funk — Ruffle Up (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [Spring Tube, SPR179]
09. Electricano feat. Diana Payton — Make Me See (Donatello Remix) [Spring Tube, SPR126]
10. Phrakture feat. Maria Carmela — Curve Sound (Da Funk’s Recovery Dub) [Spring Tube, SPR205]
11. Adam Byrd — Without You [Spring Tube, SPR184]
12. Claes Rosen — Over And Over (Sebastian Davidson Remix) [Spring Tube Promo, SPR229]
13. Rishi K. — Last Love [Spring Tube, SPR120]
14. Electricano — Lacroix (Forteba Remix) [Spring Tube Limited, SPRLTD084]
15. Soulfinder & Shane Robinson — Dopamine [Spring Tube Limited, SPRLTD095]

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