Русская кибернетика 105 (01/2014, гость: Сергей SlanG, годовой отчёт лейбла Spring Tube)

Евгений Свалов (4Mal) — Русская кибернетика 105
01/2014, гость: Сергей SlanG, годовой отчёт лейбла Spring Tube

Mixed by Sergey SlanG (Spring Tube)

01. Track4Sale — Relaxation [Spring Tube] SPR083NBD04
02. Exaudio & Eivind JB — Skodish [Spring Tube] SPR096
03. Claes Rosen — If I Could Be U [Spring Tube] SPR093SMP04
04. Anthony Mea — Talk To Me [Spring Tube] SPR105
05. Blood Groove & Kikis — Many Things [Spring Tube] SPR099PS01A
06. Hernan Cerbello — The Right Pace [Spring Tube] SPR093SMP04
07. Deep Herman — Feel The Same [Spring Tube] SPR078
08. Electricano — Rainy Day (Forteba Remix) [Spring Tube Limited] SPRLTD018
09. Stephen J. Kroos — Pathogenicity Of Mutations (Addex Remix) [Spring Tube Limited] SPRLTD007
10. Ricky Inch & Jance — Road Rage [Spring Tube] SPR093SMP04
11. Monojoke pres. Telekollektiv — Watching You [Spring Tube] SPR073
12. Stephen J. Kroos — A Past (Kobana ’Acid’ Dub) [Spring Tube] SPR084
13. Ewan Rill — Serpentine (Beat Syndrome ’Dusty’ Edit) [Spring Tube Limited] SPRLTD025
14. 4Mal — Black Lotos (Donatello Remix) [Spring Tube Limited] SPRLTD010
15. Digital Cassette — What To Do With The Future [Spring Tube] SPR074
16. Reii — Where Am I (Relaunch Remix) [Spring Tube] SPR087
17. Faskil — Change (LoQuai Remix) [Spring Tube Limited] SPRLTD023
18. Stephen J. Kroos — Theia (MUUI Remix) [Spring Tube] SPR094
19. Namatjira — Momota [Spring Tube Limited] SPRLTD017
20. Stephen J. Kroos — Dag Licht (Santerna Deep Mix) [Spring Tube] SPR091
21. Napalm & d-phrag — Stranded [Spring Tube] SPR102
22. Donatello — Story (Donatello & Arnas D Remix) [Spring Tube] SPR104
23. Phrakture — Back For Me [Still Motion Flares, Spring Tube] SPR101
24. 2Fashion — Such A Shame (Moonbeam Remix) [Spring Tube promo] SPR107
25. Airport — Tell Me Why (Reloaded) [Spring Tube] SPR072

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