Segment Digital 008

Segment Digital 008 Native feat. Ani Transport (Incl. 4Mal remix) is out now on!

“Native is a rising, eclectic dance artist boasting a string of popular releases & remixes with a number of record labels including CP Recordings, Babylon Records, Nascent Recordings & Pangea Recordings. His recent signings demonstrate a deep melodic style bound neatly around a fusion of rich bass grooves coming in the form of both 4/4 and breaks. With an authentic focus on quality, each track delivers a constant stream of top shelf audio that can be recognised across the globe.
Track design and stylistic influences are drawn on fr om some of the trades most highly recognized artists i.e. James Holden, Pole Folder, Kasey Taylor and Sultan & The Greek. His material has also received quality rotation and support from a great number of people within the industry, (aka) Anthony Pappa, Lance Cashion, Evan Marcus, Mark Holmes and many more.
Native’s most recent works have made waves around the world, receiving special attention in the UK, US and Australia. His recent work with the highly talented Ani and Mark Nunan on vocals has produced some truly inspiring material, with incredible depth and emotion. With a regular supply of fresh and diverse material on offer, Native has earned the respect shown by both broad-spectrum listeners and ‘die hard’ punters.

Transport comes in 3 mixes, Native has provided us with original and Intro mixes which are on a breakbeat tip, while those Russian superstars 4mal have provided their own interpretation.
4Mal turn the track on its head, creating a massive 4-4 mix which uses Ani’s vocals to their fullest. 4Mal last made their appearance on Segment with their excellent remix of Micah – Terras and fans of their work will not be dissapointed”.

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